Saturday, February 28, 2015

Stupid Vaught Does

Very few of Shawnee's citizens go to council meetings, read the minutes or listen to the audio (either streaming or after the fact).  Because of that very few people get to see Jeff "The Arrogant One" Vaught in action.  They miss out on his bullying tactics, insults to fellow members of the council and the public, lack of knowledge and a variety of other negatives.  He says he has proven leadership.  Of what?  Leading in being obnoxious maybe.

Anyway, there are many instances of him thinking he knows what is happening, because he says so. Here are just three incidents where he is totally clueless, but attempted to come across as if he was the "expert"

First, let's look at what happened when the new ordinance came up regarding emergency management, and specifically who in the city should declare an emergency.  Even after Eric Jenkins, a 30 year FEMA official and, in many cases, FEMA's lead on site, tried to explain it to him (mayor, governor, president), He claimed it should be the city manager, like (according to him) in other cities. The fire chief had to set his arrogance straight.  You can read more on this item in the Shawnee Dispatch, here

Another time he didn't even understand his job the one time he was council president.  A member of the council wanted an item on the agenda.  Apparently his royal egomaniac thought that council members had to go through him to do that.  Wrong!  The chain of events here are funny as the city manager needed to clarify that Vaught did not have that power.  Read the email exchanges here

We'll give you one more, but there are many, many examples of him trying to claim he knows the law, ordinances or whatever, just because he says so.  

This one is good.  It involves basically two items.  In one he tried to claim that the KSRA was trying to buy an election.  Dumb thing to say Vaught.  Does that mean that the contractors and developers that have contributed to his campaign are trying to buy the election for him? Then certain elements of the city tried passing an ordinance that was contrary to state law.  Vaught in all his wisdom said it wasn't because he read it and it was ok.  Wrong!  And yes the city attorney even had to go along with the fact that it was wrong  Want more info?  Click here 

There are so many more instances of him trying to make it sound like he knows what he is doing.  We don't have the space today.