Friday, February 13, 2015

Words to Regurgitate By

Every time I hear Jeff "The Arrogant One" Vaught mention how he supports more open government I have to reach for something to prevent my lunch from coming back up.

1.  When we lost the ability to have full minutes of council meetings who was the "leader" in pushing to eliminate them?

2.  When action was taken to restore full meeting minutes who was the "leader" in trying to stop that at the committee and when it came to the full council he eventually voted yest, but not willingly.

3.  When the policy statement was being reviewed who was the "leader" who wanted to eliminate public input at committee meetings?  Because those were work sessions.  What better place for public input, before it goes to council.  Fortunately his "leadership" didn't hold on this one, and neither did it when he tried to limit the number of times a citizen could speak (twice on the same subject).

Since many folks don't go to council and/or committee meetings or research the minutes they may have a tendency to believe this silver tongued snake oil peddler.

He has consistently pushed for less open government, less citizen input and then has the gall to say the opposite while running for mayor.

When the topic of providing council members with laptops or an allowance to provide their own, he openly stated he wanted to provide his own, otherwise citizens (under KORA) could request a review of the contents of a city owned device.  That media clip has played on this blog and will be resurrected to play again.