Monday, February 23, 2015

The Pinocchio Effect - Part III

Let's talk about the Pinocchio Effect Part III

We all pretty much remember how the appointment of Alan "The Mayor's Uncle by Marriage" Willoughby resulted in a KOMA investigation and the JoCo DA's ultimate decision.  We also remember the involvement of Jeff "The Arrogant One" Vaught's participation in that charade, as one of the four who voted for Willoughby.

What some folks may not remember is what happened at the appointment meeting, when Vaught explained to Mike Kemmling (who had recently lost to Neal Sawyer for a council seat by only 11 votes) why he, Vaught could not support Kemmling.  His bovine scatological reasoning is shown in the video below, which was originally posted on this blog on 7/30/2012

Wild, and Vaught continually interrupts and belittles people.

After the fact:  This is a kicker.  When Willoughby ran for an election on his own, Kemmling won.  Then Dawn Kuhn resigned from the council which created an opening.  When Stephanie Meyer was appointed to fill that spot, it created an opening on the Planning Commission.  So, what happened?  Mayor Jeff Meyers submitted his uncle's name to be a commissioner (again). 

The council split 4/4 on this one, with Vaught (who else?), Neighbor, Sawyer and Sandifer voting for Willoughby.  So what happend?  The mayor voted the tie breaker and Uncle Alan was on the Planning Commission.  I'm going to love seeing who has been financially supporting Vaught's candidacy.  Hi Pinocchio......