Sunday, June 04, 2017

Tom Cox, Shelee Brim, Linda Gallagher = No Common Sense

Correction  6/4/17 2150 (see last paragraph):

Shawnee has, IMHO three individuals that represent it in the Kansas Legislature that are totally void of common sense.  These are Tom Cox, Shelee Brim and Linda Gallagher.

What makes me say this?  Simple, these three voted for an extension of the gun free zones in university and hospital locations without the provision to have armed security and metal detectors.

When the laws regarding concealed carry were changed a few years back, certain government locations had a four year exemption.  They were required to allow concealed carry (beginning 7/1/2017) unless they provided armed security and metal detectors.  The reason for that is so simple it makes sense.  Law abiding citizens would honor "no guns" signs.  Individuals bent on creating havoc couldn't care about a sign.  Hence, a previous legislature said that in order to be protective more than signs were required.  Hence the original requirement for armed security and metal detectors.  Heinous crimes are committed in "gun free zones" since law abiding citizens cannot protect themselves. And actions like what these three malcontents took does nothing to protect anybody since their actions do not allow for security protection.  What feebleminded individuals these three are.

No common sense.

Hopefully our governor will veto this action.

Corrected info:  The bill applies to state hospitals including the Univ of Ks medical system.