Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Did Brandon Kenig Have a Hissy Fit? Advice for Jeff Vaught

Keep in mind, that I do live and vote in Ward 4, and Kenig is running for election in this ward.

Well, he has a newsletter that he sends to his constituents.  Usually I get a copy.  Not this time.
He probably had a hissy fit about my earlier post about him and deleted me from his email list.

Don't worry Brandon, I did get a copy forwarded to me.


I have written on this blog numerous times on how Jeff Vaught can be a real windbag when he speaks at council.   He goes, on and on and on.  Worse than the Energizer Bunny.  Almost as bad as former council member Dawn "Motormouth" Kuhn.  Well, somebody passed on a Chinese fortune cookie fortune to me and said it reminded them of Vaught.................

"..................a person is not wise simply because a person talks a lot......."  Fits him to a "t".