Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ward 3 Primary – Myres Only Candidate To Serve Our Country

The primary race for the Ward 3 council position will be in a little over 4 weeks. It is scheduled for Tuesday August 1, 2017.


Suffice it to say that Dave Myres is the only one of the 3 candidates who has served our country.  Justin Adrian didn’t serve.  Heck he was a Hillary Clinton delegate to the DNC and we all know what her stance was on members of the US Military, especially in Benghazi.  Gee, is Mr. Adrian proud of supporting her for that?  Jeff Vaught likes to beat his chest alot but he never stood the watch. 


How about Dave Myres?  He started out as an enlisted member of the Mississippi Army National Guard and rose to E5 in the Field Artillery.  Subsequent to that he was commissioned in Air Defense Artillery (Patriot Missiles) as an RA officer (that’s Regular Army for those not familiar with the term)

He served in many positions before coming off active duty as a captain, the last being as Commanding Officer HHB, 3RD BN 43RD ADA 11th Brigade.  Among his various awards and decorations are an Army Commendation Medal and 2 awards of the Army Achievement Medal.


For those folks who say city council is not a national office and military service is not germane, I say hogwash.  A willingness to serve one’s country, with possible exposure to adverse conditions is, IMHO, an indication of a person’s commitment to his fellow man.


As a former Army Staff Sergeant with service in Nam there is only one candidate in Ward 3 that I would feel comfortable saluting…………….figuratively and literally…………and that is Dave Myres.