Friday, June 23, 2017

What Is Going On With The Shawnee Dispatch?

I very rarely read the hard copy.  I do read the on line version consistently.

It has become a local puff piece, & HS athletic rah rah paper.

This is the first year that Shawnee voters will go to the polls for a local general election in November.  As such, this is the first year that local primaries will be held in August.  As such, we have two council wards that will have a primary.  Ward 3 has three candidates and Ward 4 has four candidates.

There has been no mention at all in the Dispatch (on line) about this.  But the local reporter does give us plenty of feel good puff pieces.  Gee, is she going to cover the ruling in the Qrivit vs COS case?

We have public hearings on the budget, Bellmont Promenade and other items coming up.  Is the Dispatch going to cover those?  Where are the interim stories on these and other items affecting the city? Are the citizens of Shawnee deliberately being kept in the dark about these items.  IMHO, the Dispatch stinks.  It's not even worth its free distribution.

Anyway, the only "hard" stories have been those contributed by Mike Frizzell of Operation 100 news.