Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kenig Explains Missing Newsletter

In keeping with my policy of posting rebuttals from individuals that I have mentioned here is one from Brandon Kenig.

He called last night, I was not available, but he did leave a VM.  Not being a court stenographer I will give a brief synopsis of what he said.  He said that he did not delete me from his email list for his newsletter.  He claims that the email distribution program that he uses maxes out at 100 and he has more than that on the list.  This means that he has to go back in and resend to those who did not get it the first time.  He also stated I was not the only one that told him they did not receive the newsletter.

I do know that some of these email distribution lists (especially if they are free) do have limitations on the number of contacts that they can send.  We'll just have to take his word that his list tops out at 100 and he has more than that on the list.


How come Vaught doesn't respond to my postings.  Oh I know, he just let's a woman confront me in a grocery store parking lot.