Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Email to Shawnee Chamber Regarding Its Endorsement of Proposed Community Center

The following email was sent this morning to Ann Smith-Tate, President and CEO of the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce.  As stated, I will be happy to post her reply here.

Good morning Ann,

 I have a few questions concerning the recent endorsement of the chamber board for the proposed community center.

1.  In view of the money that the chamber receives from the city (actually that is taxpayer money, the city has no funds of its own) do you think it is ethically correct for the chamber to actually take sides on this issue?

Additionally, do you feel it is proper for the chamber to be a distributor of Vote Yes t-shirts and signs?

2.  What explanation does the chamber board have for its members who will wind up in a competitive situation with the proposed community center and would be funding that competition?

3.  The chamber board indicated that it thought the proposed community center would have a positive effect on neighboring businesses.  Which businesses do they feel will be positively affected?  Would the board support the addition of new businesses like Lenexa has, within close proximity to the community center?  Such businesses to include a major hotel, restaurants, retail and also the construction of modern upscale apartment complexes.  Many of those apartments have rental rates equal to or higher than many mortgages.  What would be the reaction of the residents of that area to that type of additional development?  Would the chamber support that?

Since this item is of major importance to many residents of the city a copy of this email will be posted on my blog.  In all fairness, your reply will also be posted there.

Thank you for your time,