Monday, May 06, 2019

Shawnee vs Lenexa Rec Center Salaries

Now this is absolutely amazing.  At last Monday's informational meeting the salaries for the proposed community center were again brought up.  it was noted that Shawnee proposes a variety of positions, of which 12 full time employees will earn in excess of $52K per year.  The top dog would get $70K.  These are amounts that are substantially higher than what we pay our starting PD & FD personnel.  The reason for these high salaries we were told was because these are degreed positions.

Well, I guess then that we must higher substantially more qualified personnel than Lenexa does (keeping in mind that Lenexa is the Jones certain folks are trying to keep up with).  How can I say that?  Easy.  Gotta love KORA requests. Lenexa only has 3 full time positions that pay over $50K per year at their center.  And their top dog is at $64K.

The charts are shown below.  Click on them to see larger size images.  The first one is the Ballard* King proposal for Shawnee and the second one is from the City of Lenexa..

BTW, since the mail ballots just arrived, remember please to vote NO