Thursday, May 02, 2019

Why Was City Staff Notified of Advocacy Social Media Pages Being Ready?

My favorite four letter word is.................KORA.  For those not familiar with that, it is the Kansas Open Records Act.  Basically, it is the Kansas equivalent of the federal Freedom of Information Act.

Something was bothering me about whether city staff was really educating the public or were they participating as advocates of one side of the community center issue.  I had previously advised the city manager that it was my opinion that staff was acting as advocates, especially with the snail mailed brochure which highlighted only the good and left out the bad and the ugly.

So, I submitted a KORA request for certain emails.  One of which is shown below.  Click on it to see a larger version.  My question now is why did the company that is handling the Shawnee Community Center Advocacy Project (that is how it is listed on their web site) notify certain city staff that two social media sites promoting the project were ready?  Also, there appears to be coordination with the contractor for the project regarding this matter.  Is the city assisting in coordinating for an approval of the project?  Doesn't the contractor stand to make millions if the voters approve the project?  Does the contractor's front man stand to get a special bonus if the project is approved by the voters?

Who are the players in the email shown below?:

Jayne Siemens, President, Venice Communications, a firm specializing in media relations
Julie Breithaupt, City Communications Manager
Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Parks Director
Eric Danielson, Business Development, Science and Technology, J E Dunn
Stephanie Meyer, Ward 3 Councilmember, City of Shawnee