Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mayoral and Ward 3 Primary

With everything going on recently about that proposed community center there were same changes in the upcoming primary election to be held August 6, 2019.  Will cover the non-primary elections in a separate post as they are to be held November 5, 2019.

Mayor's Primary: 

Michelle Distler has filed for reelection
Ajay Sood has filed
Dawn Tubbesing (served on council as Kuhn) has filed
Stephanie Meyer has filed - withdrew from running for her Ward 3 council seat to run for mayor

Ward 3 Council Seat:

Dawn Rattan has filed
Kurt Knappen withdrew from the 2 year unexpired seat to run for the full four year seat
Nick Reed has filed

Interesting item.  Nick Reed apparently filed for the Ward 3 seat at about the same time that Stephanie Meyer switched over to running for mayor.  Hmmmmm, was he her hand picked "replacement"?  If so, the only thing I can say is that he might want to visit Gall's at 9200 Marshall Drive, yes, in Lenexa.  They have a full range of LEO gear.  He might want to pay particular attention to the items listed at https://www.galls.com/stab-armor#products_scroll as these items could protect against being stabbed in the back.  Just a thought.