Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Crying Has Started

Wow, looks like Hillary Clinton syndrome has spread to Shawnee.  The crying by some current and former elected officials about the failure of the bond issue for the proposed community center has started.

First, let's look at some numbers:

Turn out for the mail ballot election:  19,951 of 43,019 registered voters 46.38%  This is a significant number for two reasons.  First, mail ballots in other JoCo cities have in the past pulled 30-35% of the registered voters.  In most previous Shawnee local elections (council/mayor) only between 10-15% of the voters actually vote.  The final vote of 72% against to 28% for was a wipe out.  Next week we should see the breakdown by wards.  With only 5,559 voters voting yes, it seems incomprehensible that any ward showed a majority of folks voting to approve.  I would be willing to bet that the item was even voted down in Ward 3, the home of the numero uno cheerleader for this project, Councilmember Stephanie Meyer. 

Failure of the proponents of the item to fully comprehend Question 35 contributed, IMHO, to the lopsided victory.  We have heard about how 67% of the folks wanted a new community center. But question 35, in the same survey indicated that 52.5% of those surveyed were unwilling to pay increased property taxes to finance its construction.  This item is/was on the city's web site but one had to dig to find it.  Also, in the city's literature pushing the project and their info tours, no mention of this item was made, until a citizen brought it up.  This was like asking somebody if they wanted a new Mercedes.  They would probably say yes.  Ask them if they would be willing to take on the payment for it would probably result in a negative response.

The surveys, studies, hiring of the consultants, cost of the election, etc. probably came close to a half million dollars.  The only positive to come out of that expenditure is that the people have spoken.  Take that back, the people have shouted at the top of their lungs.  Now, let's put this item to rest.

The original concept for the land which was purchased over a decade ago was to build a third swimming pool.  It then morphed into this monstrosity.  This property has been off the tax rolls for too long.  Let's sell it to a developer who is willing to build something that would bring in money to the city.