Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Agendas & Special Interests

Ahhhh, politics and public issues.

It never ceases to amaze me how people just throw out the terms "agenda" and "special interests".

Joe Blow does xyz because he has an agenda. Susie Hopscotch is in favor of abc because she is supported by special interests.

OK folks..........I won't be PC here. Cut out the bullshit. Everybody has an agenda. But some folks throw that out like it's a negative. If people didn't have agendas they wouldn't get involved in politics or civic affairs. Whether an agenda is good or bad depends on whether one agrees with it. Folks just have to stop clouding the issues by accusing others of having agendas, when they themselves also have them.

Now, what about the accusations that fly that a person is supported by special interests? The same thing applies here. It is only negative if these special interests aren't the same as yours.

Let's use a hot potato here. Abortion. If a person supports choice they are accused of being backed by special interests. If a person supports right to life, they too are accused of being backed by special interests. Guess what? All sides of a debate have special interests.

Problem is, folks are still going to be tossing out those terms like they are criminal acts.........what a shame.........what bullshit.