Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sen Brownback Please Resign

Last weekend the KC Star had an article about how many floor votes various senators who were also Presidential candidates had missed. See info at
Sam Brownback was up to 104 votes missed.

Ironically, on 4/13 I posted an item here,
because I felt that too much time was being spent too early on the next election. It is almost as bad as seeing Christmas decorations going on sale on Labor Day.

Anyway, in my item I suggested that sitting Congressmen and/or Senators who choose to run for their party's nomination need to resign. I even proposed a federal law about that.

Mr Brownback's actions are, in my opinion, unacceptable. He is not working at the job that he is being paid to do. To add insult to injury, his chances of getting the nomination are, again, in my opinion, lower than slim.

Sam what you were elected to do or resign.......please.