Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Mill Levy Question

Attending last night's Shawnee City Council meeting was like many others.

I knew I could count on either Pfrick or Pfrack to provide some entertainment.

Well, one of them didn't let me down.

When the time came to vote on the new budget Dan Pflumm said something that really made me open my eyes. He made a comment that he would vote for this budget but intimated that he would not vote to approve any future budgets unless "....the mill levy was taken back to what it was." To what it was..............when??????????

Now folks (read that as taxpayers) love to hear elected officials talk about reducing taxes.
In this case though, I was wondering how far back he wanted to go. Last year? Two years ago?
Five years ago? Ten years ago? What amount would he like to see the mill levy cut back to? I don't think he mentioned a number.

Let's say the mill levy gets rolled back (with one of those Wal-Mart smiley face posters). What comes out of the budget? What services get reduced or eliminated? Sometimes folks don't like to hear about city services being reduced.

Anyway his initial comment makes for a great political sound byte. Kind of like someone who is running for office (mayor 2008 maybe??).

Let's forget the sound byte though. Give us a number and what would need to be adjusted to accomodate the lower number.