Thursday, July 19, 2007

KC Star - Shawnee/Lenexa Section

In a recent opinion piece in the Shawnee/Lenexa edition of the Kansas City Star, available at:
Loren Stanton had various comments about a smoking ban in Shawnee. One thing that was interesting is the extract below:

"A ban tramples on people’s rights: Shawnee council member Michelle Distler is among those who oppose a ban mainly for this reason. She stated in a commentary in this newspaper that our rights "are being eroded daily with a variety of seemingly small encroachments, such as the smoking ban.
Yeah, and evil government forces have taken away our right to use lead-based paints that cause brain damage. And they have destroyed the right to drive ourselves and our young children around without safety belts and safety seats. We could go on and on.
Smoking isn’t a right, it’s an addiction. This isn’t a freedom issue, it’s a public health issue."

I think if he read the item he is referring to, the rights Ms Distler was referring to were the rights of the business owner, to be allowed to run their business. Not the rights of the smoker. Ironically, Ms Distler is correct......our rights are being eroded on a daily basis.........creeping "nanny government" is getting to be more pervasive.

Oh, Mr Stanton, regarding safety belts for children: How come school buses are exempt? Are you going to push for this increased safety feature? How about it? A simple yes or no would do.