Monday, July 16, 2007

An Apology

I feel like I owe a bunch of people an apology.

Set the scene: The folks who will be publishing the new Shawnee Magazine had a reception. I was lucky enough to get an invite.

While talking with State Sen Nick Jordan, Kevin Straub walked over. When Sen Jordan left to talk to other folks, Straub and I got into it. The arrogant snit that he is, would ask a question, not allow it to be answered and then attempt to put words in my mouth. Besides that, he is one of the most condescending jerks I have ever met.

Well now............why an apology? Well, not to Straub. Seems like I lost my cool and used a few choice words directed to Straub in a loud voice. My apology would be to the folks from the Shawnee Magazine, the Journal World and any of the other invited guests who may have heard my vulgar comments. That I let this individual get to me like that was wrong. I should have just walked away from him.

So again, to the folks that organized this event, and their guests, you have my apology.