Sunday, April 08, 2012

Riding the Circuit

Yesterday, Saturday, I did another ride along with the Shawnee PD.  This was a day shift ride along (6:30AM-2:30PM), so I have now ridden all three shifts.

I observed a variety of field situations including an arrest on a burglary charge.  As a result of that item, and the officer being involved in a procedural action that was going to take time, I actually had the opportunity to ride with a different officer.  The arrested individual appeared to have a medical problem, possibly drug related.  It was imperative that a medical exam be performed in a hospital environment, prior to transport to JoCo Detention.

I found yesterday's experience to be very informative.  The officers appear to be educated and well trained.  And, IMHO, something that is just as important is that they seem to possess a high degree of common sense.  In many jobs today folks seem to have let common sense go out the window.  I personally think that when it comes to law enforcement and dealing with the public that common sense becomes important, and these officers exhibited that.

My previous rides were the midnight shift from 10:30PM to 6:30AM, and an evening shift from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.  Because of time constraints on my part I couldn't start at 2:30PM.  Six months from now I will probably request another ride with the evening shift.