Monday, April 02, 2012

Tomorrow's The Day

Election day 2012.  In the post immediately preceding this one is the press release about the CBC filing campaign ethics complaints.  I sincerely hope that folks of intelligence don't buy into the garbage mailer that the CBC is filing against.

Can you believe?  Somebody, sends out a mailer accusing the challengers for city office of lying.  Yet, the challengers all cite dates of votes that the incumbents made.  Verifiable by city meeting minutes. How can those be lies?  The incumbents have not once defended their council voting record.  And then that mailer goes out with nobody saying who paid for it.  Gee, an anonymous hit piece.  With no verifiable facts stated.

What do we have for incumbents?  A councilmember who gets her paycheck under an entirely different name, but her expenses reimbursed under her known name. And voting for various burdens to be placed on the population and to eliminate tranparency. A councilmember who has no problem in taking many, many trips at the taxpayer's expense. And voting for various burdens to be placed on the population and eliminating tranparency. An appointed councilmember who apparently was rewarded for his previous losing election campaign.  And voting for burdens to be placed on the population and eliminating tranparency.  And he wasn't even elected to represent his ward.  And then a councilmember who has voted for  various tax increases and a reduction in transparency.  The mayor, has broken many tie votes, to cause the citizens of the city to get hit with additional tax and fee burdens.

It's time that the people took back the city:

Eric Jenkins for Mayor
Charles Macheers for Council Ward I
Mike Kemmling for Council Ward II
Jim Ferris for Council Ward III
Dylan McAfee for Council Ward IV