Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coming Soon, to A Computer Near You

In the not too distant future there will be videos of the city council and committee meetings posted on line.

If you remember, certain members of the city council voted to do away with the detailed council minutes.  The audio versions of council meetings are nice, but unless one knows who is speaking it is sometimes hard to tell who it is.  Granted, the mayor is supposed to reognize council members and folks that come to the podium usually identify themselves, but sometimes there are cross conversations.

Anyway, some cities already provide videos of council meetings and some even provide live web streaming.

Shawnee is not going to do either, so a group of individuals have gotten together and will be doing it. 

Now for the laugh of the week.......last week one of the councilmembers was overheard to say something to the effect that folks who sit around taking videos of council meetings must lead pathetic lives.  Gee, if the city would do it, then folks would not have to get together on their own to do it.  Making disparaging comments about folks who are willing to, on their own, provide a service that the city won't provide should be commended, not ridiculed.  Wonder if the taking of these videos would count towards the city's new volunteer program?  Just kidding

Anyway, down the road, once this really gets going, the folks involved will be providing their time and some funds for this civic endeavor.  Just hope that the rest of the city finds the info helpful and useful.