Sunday, April 01, 2012

A Disgusting Mailer

Yesterday (Saturday) I received a mailer stating that recent mailers expressing dissatisfaction with the current council members and mayor contained lies.

Well, maybe because of my zip code I had received two of those dissatisfaction mailers. The ones about Sandifer and Sawyer.

Looking at those two mailers they mention votes that the council members made on various issues. How are those lies? One of the mailers mentioned Sandifer’s trips at the city’s expense. Heck, I’ve actually documented many of them here.

Anyway, what concerns me the most about the one received yesterday, the one that claims the others contained lies, is that whoever sent them does not have the intestinal fortitude to say who they are.

They are mailed with a post office box number as a return address but no name to go with it. At the bottom of the mailer it says “Not paid for by any candidate or campaign committee” Well if they feel so strongly about their views why can’t they tell us who they are? Why are they being so secretive?

Anyway, I checked with some friends and they had not received the mailer, yet. I’m guessing they might receive it Monday. If you have received it, or if you do receive it, look at it. There is no way to tell who sent it. Kind of cowardly if you ask me, and makes the veracity of their statements questionable.

My opinion: The original mailers sent out expressing dissatisfaction with the current incumbents states verifiable facts. The item received yesterday is even more reason to vote out the incumbents.