Thursday, April 05, 2012

A Reader's Comment

Received this yesterday from a reader of this blog:

"I'm really disappointed in turnout and voting standards of Shawnee voters. Returning ALL the incumbents just shows how apathetic voter knowledge has become. I read both the post cards from the Coalition for Better Cities and the retort presented by Anonymous. The Coalition's cases were well documented and easy for anyone to follow up on to determine the accuracy of the information they presented. On the other hand, the followup post card just stated they these were lies with no real facts to back up their claims. It was obvious by the polls that voters are making their decisions based on the latest information they receive regardless of whether it is true or not. Of course this isn't new in American politics, which would explain the "flavor of the week" Republican Primary over the past year. It is really sad that with all the modern conveniences we have to access information today, that most American would rather use it to learn more about Kim Kardashian's divorce than the wasteful spending that is occurring in their own city government.

A B, Shawnee, KS"