Friday, August 24, 2012

Answers to Questions

Apparently our mayor would rather attempt to take me down a notch as opposed to insuring that council responds in a truthful and forthcoming manner.  (See the post immediately preceding this one)

As such I have sent the following email to our mayor, Jeff Meyers:


May I direct your attention to my blog post last night concerning Council member Jim Neighbor.

Now you can say whatever you want to the Shawnee Dispatch about how I react when questions are not answered.

But, you cannot deny that we have a problem when council members cannot answer simple questions with direct simple answers. Mr. Neighbor is just the latest one to dance around a question as opposed to a direct answer.

I remember a couple of years ago when I was trying to pinpoint how some dinner funds were spent in Washington, DC by members of the council that you seemed to be in favor of getting direct, specific answers. Maybe that was because they were members of the council that you were not fond of?

When members of the council Tijuana Two Step around questions, and fail to provide direct answers I will continue to challenge them. Maybe you need to assert your influence and advise them that they have an obligation to be forthcoming when dealing with the public.