Thursday, August 23, 2012

Is Council Member Neighbor Taking Lessons from Dawn Kuhn?

Background: In an article in the Shawnee Dispatch 8/8/12 Mayor Jeff Meyers had this to say about yours truly: Ray Erlichman, a resident who blogs about city affairs, “is another one who is going to try to make your life miserable if he doesn’t get the answer he wants,” Meyers said. He referred to Erlichman as “the season ticket holder who replaced Charlotte (Hargis),” a deceased former council member and leading critic of the governing body. Viewable at

Moving forward - strange 1: At the city council meeting of 8/13/12 a development company wanted an analysis done to see if a CID was a viable way to proceed on a shopping center redevelopment. To do this, by ordinance, the developer needs to pay the city $20,000 for the study. No problem here. But the name on the check rang a bell, Bonner Springs Partners. So, I asked if any of the incumbents who ran for office this past April had received any contributions from them. It took a few seconds but Dawn Kuhn said she had but she couldn't remember if it was one of the principals individually or the company. I had to inform her it was the company, $500 maximum allowable. She indicated that she got so many contributions. OK, here's the "strange 1".......on the 3/26, 2/21, and 1/10 filings Kuhn ahd only received a total of 12 contributions...........and only two of them were for $500, the developer and Deffenbaugh. And, on the 3/26 filing which had the developer, Kuhn herself signed the report and appears to have also filled out the forms. But shee needed her memory jogged.

Moving forward - strange 2: I knew there was another one but couldn't remember, and no other council member came forward. So, when I got home I looked it back up. Lo and behold it was Jim Neighbor. Yet he didn't voluntarily admit to receiving the contribution.

So, I emailed Neighbor on 8/15/12:


Curious, when I asked the question Monday night as to who of the

incumbents who ran for reelection had received donations from that

group Dawn Kuhn admitted it but I really don't remember you responding.

Would you care to answer as to why you didn't say anything Monday night?

Thank you


Neighbor replied on 8/16/12

OK. I'm going to try this on a different screen.  My treasurer keeps track of all the financials, is recovering from back surgery, and I'll contact her next week, for details and forward them to you.

Regards, Jim Neighbor

So, I had to reply this way, also on the 16th.

Thank you for the response.

Attached please find a copy of the 3/26/12 financial for you to review.

It is interesting to note that this filing was signed by you and not your treasurer.

Also, as an FYI, on the 2/20 and 3/26 filings you received a total of 12 contributions……………and only two of them are for $500 (one from Bonner Springs Partners and one from Deffenbaugh).

One would think that an individual would remember the two “big” ones they got.

That is why I was curious as to why you didn’t mention it the other night when I asked.

Looking forward to your response

Thank you


Note, it also appears that not only did he sign that financial, but it looks like he too filled it out himself.

So, yes Mr. Mayor, if I don't get a reasonable answer I will come back with a follow up question (Neighbor has not responded back yet). Why do these elected officials have to do their little Tijuana Two Step around simple questions and not give direct, honest answers? I believe former council member David Morris alluded to what he called government speak in giving answers to the public which can do nothing but cause problems.

When elected officials dance around simple questions one has to wonder....why?