Sunday, August 05, 2012

Low Blow Mailer

A recent mailer sent out supporting Joe Beveridge over Greg Smith for State Senate has to be one of the lowest bottom feeder types of literature I have seen.  In brief, Greg is criticized for taking a salary for his work as President of the foundation that was set up in memory of his daughter.  And that foundation has done many things with an eye to protecting women from violence.  The amount that Greg gets, based on the time he puts in, wouldn't even qualify for minimum wage.  And he has a reply for that.

My question is:  do the elected officials who endorse Beveridge condone this kind of sleaze?  Folks like Mike Boehm, Ed Eilert and Carl Gerlach.  The complete list can be found at  I bet I know one that condones this sleaze, Stephanie Sharp.  Heck her company, Sharp Connections a PR and consultancy company received $15,173.08 from the Beveridge campaign (as of 7/30 that was of a total expenditure listing of $16,760.86)

Anyway, the mailer is shown below followed by some screen captures from Facebook supporting Greg Smith and showing disgust with the mailer.

Note:  Please click on any of the images to enlarge so you can read them.  Thank you.