Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tuesday's (8/7/12) Primary Election

Well Tuesday was an interesting day. 

Let's look at some of the races.

John Rubin defeated Neal Sawyer.  Acutally Sawyer got a spanking, 67% to 33%, and in reality lost two elections on Tuesday.  Tom Martin defeated Sawyer for precinct committeeman in their precinct.  One has to wonder if maybe Sawyer's abstaining from voting at the July 9th council meeting may have had something to do with that?  Maybe there were 650 folks in Ward II that were upset with him?  Happy to see Rubin come out on top.

Another person I was happy to see come out on top was Mary Pilcher-Cook.  She gave Tom Wertz a spanking, 64% to 36%.  Maybe folks took exception to some of Wertz's mailers?

Charles Macheers was another victorious candidate.  He defeated Stephanie Meyer 63% to 37%.  Nice job Charles.  Happy to see you were victorious.

Brett Hildabrand won out over Jason Leib 58% to 42%.  Happy to see that one, especially in view of some of Leib's comments about Hildabrand that were just below the belt.

Now, proving that below the belt mailers are wrong was Greg Smith's victory over Joe Beveridge.  Was definitely happy to see Smith take this one.  Congrats Greg.

Looking forward to the general election in November and those winners mentioned above being victorious at that time also.