Saturday, August 25, 2012

Important Info From Another Blog

As mentioned in a previous post, there is another local blog in town "Shawnee, Kansas FWIW"

It can be viewed at

There are two very recent posts there that can shed some light on open government, or lack thereof, in the City of Shawnee.  One of these posts specifically covers the issue of detail minutes at city council meetings and the other post covers the issue of the trials and tribulations the author experienced in obtaining accurate and complete documents from city hall.

The post titles and dates of posting are as follows:

"Review of Minutes" Staff Report posted on 8/24/12

Then scroll down, skip a few others (unless you want to read them, as they are also interesting) and go to:

Crimson Ridge Rezoning Documents Requests April-June posted on 8/12/12

We have also created a permanent link to that blog in our list of links in the left margin