Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sandifer is Confusing - Even to Himself

If council member (Ward IV) Mickey Sandifer ever did or said anything that made sense, or didn't contradict himself, I'd say hallelujah.

OK, at the 8/13/12 council meeting when the topic of a company asking to do an analysis for a CID for the Shawnee Pakway Plaza (Bonner Springs Partners II) came up, Sandifer said he was against CIDs.

Huh, he was one of the folks that voted for the CID at Ten Quivira Plaza.  So, he votes for one, then says he is against them? 

So, I check a few things.  Now this is great.  In his most recent run for reelection (this April) he received in March a contribution from Tri Land (the company that runs Ten Quivira) for $500.  But, he did not receive any contributions from Bonner Springs Partners II (like Kuhn and Neighbor did).  Did he feel left out?  Were his feelings hurt?  Was he jealous?

Go figure.......................