Thursday, November 07, 2019

City Election Results - 2019

Why did I wait almost two days to post my thoughts?  It's been a long election season...........needed some down time.

Ward 1 - Tammy Thomas defeated the incumbent Jim Neighbor. Probably one of the best things that could happen to Shawnee overall and to Ward I specifically. 

Ward 2 - Eric Jenkins, the incumbent here defeated challenger Andy Rondon.  Very good move by the people in Ward 2.

Ward 3 - (Full Term) Seat was up for grabs.  No incumbent running.  Kurt Knappen defeated Dawn Rattan.  Real smart move by the folks in Ward 3.  Really surprised that Rattan got the support she did in view of the situation with her residential property taxes.

Ward 3 - (Unexpired Term)  Lisa Larson-Bunnell (appointed temporarily) held off challenger Kevin Straub in a close race.  Seat will be up for a full term in two years.  Interesting to see how this shakes out when it comes up again.

Ward 4 - Seat was up for grabs.  No incumbent running.  Jill Chalfie defeated Kris Durbin.  Since this is the ward I live in rest assured Ms. Chalfie will be under the microscope.

Mayor - Michelle Distler romped to a double digit victory over Stephanie Meyer.  My prediction was right.  Meyer cannot win an election when she is running against a live opponent.  My concern:  based on some of the things that I have heard already we may have created our own local version of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Will Meyer blame everybody and everything for her loss, rather than she did not have her fingers on the pulse of the community?  Stay tuned.