Saturday, November 02, 2019

Ward 3 Resident Calls Stephanie Meyer Out

Mayoral candidate Stephanie Meyer has been highly critical of the fact that commercial properties only make up about 25% of the city's property tax base.  And naturally, she has been critical of the incumbent mayor, Michelle Distler.

Well, the topic of the tax base came up on her FB page and then one resident (of Ward 3) jumped in.
Here is what he said.....(and it makes sense):

Michael Moore
Pardon my intrusion, but following on to
questions above from Alisha Ali Vincent, your website has the following:

"Currently, only about 25% of the city’s revenue comes from
commercial taxes, putting much of the cost of government on
the shoulders of our residents. This is an unsustainable model
and will be further exacerbated as our vast infrastructure continues to age."

And this:

"Shawnee has largely avoided regional conversations on
economic development, and that means when potential
employers look at the metro, we’re not on their minds."
I don't mean to point out the Elephant in the Room, but
haven't you been on the city council for some 5 or 6 years
now? The Mayor is only 1 member of the council. If YOU as a
long-time council member haven't been successful in moving
the city in the direction your campaign is advocating, why
should voters believe you will be any more effective as

As a follow up to the above...If I recall correctly, you as a
council member, were a driving force in the recent passage of
the LGBTQ non-discrimination ordinance. What would lead
voters like me to believe as Mayor your agenda wouldn't
include a plethora of similar needless actions while Shawnee
continues to languish with high residential property taxes andno business base?

One thing that I would add to Mr. Moore's comments is that Ms. Meyer seems to also lead the charge when it comes to incentives, literally giving away the farm, which in turn deprives Shawnee of tax income.  Incentives are sometimes needed, but why not the north 40 instead of the whole farm?