Sunday, November 03, 2019

Rattan - Wrong for Shawnee

Dawn Rattan is, IMHO, just plain wrong for Shawnee and unfit to represent the citizens of Ward 3 on the city council.


1.   A review of public records indicates that on 7/11/2019 property taxes for her residence were paid for 2018, 2016 & 2015.  Or that on 2/26/16 property taxes for 2014, 2013 and the 2d half of 2012 were paid.  Should she be sitting on a council that makes decisions regarding taxes? 

2.  Game playing.  Remember the $1000 In Kind contribution she got from Glam Sham for make-up for photos?  (Must have been a heck of a make-up job).  That was mentioned on this blog as to how it was in violation of Kansas campaign finance laws.  She then posted that it had been corrected, but never stated how it had been corrected.

Governmental Ethics Commission correspondence between that office and candidates becomes public record.  So we looked into it.  The GEC told her it was in violation and they then suggested she refund to Glam Sham the $500 overage amount, notify them that it had been done, and then report the refund on the general election filing.

Her campaign treasurer then emailed the GEC and said this:

Dear Ms. Schneider,

Thank you for returning my call this morning regarding the aforementioned campaign finance report. Per your instructions, we have returned $500 to Smash Glam to be in compliance with the limit of donations from a single entity for the primary election. Smash Glam has turned around and donated that to Dawn Rattan’s general election, which will be filed by October 28, 2019.

Thank you so much for your assistance.
Best regards,
Anh-Nguyet Nguyen
Treasurer for Dawn Rattan

So, $500 was returned on an In-Kind contribution (no money donated, just services) and then that entity turns around and sends the $500 back in the form of a donation for the general election.  Perfectly legal.  In the army we used to call things like that Mickey Mouse plays.

Previous posts about her candidacy can be found on this blog at:

My opinion.......a big mistake to elect this person to the council.......big mistake.
Kurt Knappen would better serve the folks in Ward 3