Friday, November 01, 2019

Ward 4 - Shawnee Needs Kris Durbin

The Ward 4 council race could be very critical for the future of Shawnee.
On one side we have Kris Durbin who has an 18 year record in the design build engineering and construction industry. As a Project Controls Manager he is responsible for managing infrastructure projects that are in the multi-million to billion dollar range. See my previous comments for additional info at

His opponent, Jill Chalfie presents herself as the "community service candidate". While her years of volunteerism are to be commended, she does not possess the background to work with staff on projects such as Nieman Now.

Kris Durbin on the other hand does have those skills, and as we move forward his background will prove useful in working to make sure we do not have another situation like Nieman Now. He knows what to look for when it comes to infrastructure projects and can utilize his experience, knowledge and training for the benefit of all of Shawnee.

I urge the voters of Ward 4 to vote for Kris Durbin to be your council rep.