Saturday, November 16, 2019

Thoughts About Official Final Results - Mayoral Election 2019 Shawnee

The official canvas has been completed and the final results of the recent city election have been certified.

Some interesting things stand out in the mayoral race. First, Mayor Distler won ALL four wards. That's right, 3rd Ward council person Stephanie Meyer could not even win in her own ward. As previously stated in this blog, that also happened in the primary election in August. I had said at that time the voters of Ward 3 were apparently telling the rest of the city something. Additionally, if one digs into the report of the results it will reveal that of the 46 precincts in the city the mayor was victorious in 40 of them.

Ms. Meyer, for all her pontificating and her "I know better" attitude proved once again that she did not have her finger on the pulse of the city.

Remember also that she has never won an election when she had a real live opponent. She had been appointed to fill a vacant seat on the council and when it came up for a full term election she ran unopposed. In all of her elections where she had an opponent, she lost. That's gotta tell ya something.

If you read my previous post of Wenesday 11/13/19 you will see that her parting shot to the city is to spend taxpayer money to go to a National League of Cities convention. In her case it will prove to be a waste as she will no longer be on the council as of the first meeting in January. Sayonara and good riddance.

A special shout out to former councilmember Jeff "the irrelevant arrogant one" Vaught. His strong support for Ms. Meyer (as also in the case of the community center project) proved my point. Folks vote opposite of what he says. Thank you Jeff for helping to insure that Meyer would not become the mayor.