Monday, November 25, 2019

Some Post Election Chuckles

Did ya see the article in the Shawnee Mission Post about contributions? Well it seems like Stephanie Meyer tried to buy the election for mayor and got shut out. According to the article she had approximately $25,000 in contributions compared to re-elected Mayor Michelle Distler's $15,000. You can read the article here

Remember how Meyer the Liar tried to say that the Mayor was getting large outside donations? If needed you can have your memory refreshed by going here

Suggestion for Meyer: If you want to stay in government, at any level, look to get an appointed position. You can't seem to win against walking, talking, breathing opponents. Auf Wiedersehen. Gut, dass du los bist. (1)

Funny sidebar: At the first council meeting that took place following the council meeting that approved the NDO, Mickey Sandifer held the door open to the council chambers for folks to go in. I casually said that that was nice that a council person would do that. Mickey's reaction? "I'd like to slam it in your face", and that was heard by others. That's OK, Mr. "I love to take trips at city expense" is gone after January 13th. Sayonara Mickey.


(1) For those who don't speak German: "Good-bye" followed by "Good riddance" or literally "Good thing you're out"