Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Few Items

Has anyone else noticed that the incumbents and their spokesperson(s) have avoided the challengers' comments about the incumbents' votes on certain issues?  The challengers apparently disagree with the way some of the incumbents have voted on the council.  Yet the incumbents do not answer as to why they voted for those items and refuse to defend their actions as such.  Maybe it's because they can't defend some of those votes.  For some of those votes check the post "The Real Voting Record" 3/21/12 by scrolling down.

Daily chuckle:  Jim Neighbor's ad this week in the Shawnee Dispatch where he references his "reelection campaign".  Jim, you can't be in a reelection campaign, because you never were elected in the first place.  You were appointed.  So this is your "election campaign".  Stop trying to mislead people by making them think you had been elected.

Will Jeff Vaught query his ward mate and get the questions about who she is answered?