Thursday, March 08, 2012

Fires in Shawnee

First, let me commend the Shawnee Fire Department and the other cities' units that were involved in battling the three recent apartment house fires.  We also has some individual residence fires at the same time.

Most fires are started because of carelessness.  The Shawnee Dispatch's question this week for its Point of View Panel (which I am on for this year) drew some interesting responses.  That can be viewed at

If a fire occurs, timely notification (smoke alarms) can save lives, reduce injuries and property damage.

I can personally relate to this item.  Twelve years ago the apartment complex I live in was struck three weeks in a row by an arsonist.  The building I lived in at the time was the second target.  Those types of fire are tough to prevent, but reduced injuries and property damage were seen by functioning notification systems.