Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Part II of Is Dawn Kuhn Really Dawn Kuhn?

The original post on this subject was last Thursday 3/22/12 and can be viewed by just scrolling down to it.

We know now, and verified by the city that Dawn Kuhn is getting paid as Dawn White.  This despite the fact that all of her documents (including financials) connected with her filings for office are listed as Kuhn..

It gets stranger.  After submitting a KORA (Kansas Open Records Act) request the city has confirmed that she has submitted reimbursements for expenses and been paid accordingly under the name of Dawn Kuhn.

So, she gets paid her city council salary as White, but gets her city expenses as Kuhn. 

Since she represents her bank as Kuhn, I wonder:  Are they paying her as Kuhn or as White?  This could get real interesting.