Wednesday, February 28, 2018

State Rep Tom Cox Responds

State Rep tom cox has responded to my email concerning guns in schools.  As I stated in my previous post, replies would be posted uncensored.

Here is his reply:

Hey Ray,

The Parkland shooting is a terrible tragedy that could have been avoided. The shooter is not someone who should have been able to so easily acquire such weapons in the first place. Had law enforcement listened to the people reporting the shooter. If the FBI logged him into the system so when he bought a rifle he would have failed the background check. 

As to the solution being arming teachers, I do not think that is the right approach to solve this problem. I am not familiar with the Texas Marshall program but will look into it. I recently found out that Kansas law already allows teachers to conceal in carry but it must be authorized by the school district. No school districts in Kansas currently have opted to allow it. Part of the reason being, if they do their insurance rates sky rocket. So, if people are wanting that as a solution they need to be prepared to allocate millions more to schools to cover their increased insurance costs. 

Tom Cox

Methinks he does need to familiarize himself with the Texas law.  If he did he might not make the comment he did about sky rocketing insurance rates.  Texas does not allow for just anybody (even concealed carry license holders) to carry in the schools. Naturally they do have to have one of those but then they undergo intense background vetting, psychological testing and an in depth training program.  And have to recertify every two years. They become certified "school marshals" and as such are a category of law enforcement with very limited specific duties and responsibilities.  Certified by the state as such it does not seem to be plausible that insurance rates would sky rocket.  Let's look at this as a possible alternative to what we have now.