Saturday, February 03, 2018

My Refusal to Watch Super Bowl LII

Tomorrow is Super Bowl LII and I will NOT be watching it. 

I have not watched one football game all season.  Why?  Because of the spoiled, hypocritical, over indulged pieces of trash that disrespect our flag, our anthem and the veterans that have allowed them to pursue their chosen vocation.

The biggest offender in this situation happens to be the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell.  He has wimped out in taking a stand to put these miscreants in their place.  He is sorely lacking in the intestinal fortitude department.  His solution:  to have the league donate to these idiots' social justice causes.  By watching NFL games, whether on TV or in person folks are helping the NFL to have an income flow to make those donations.  So far, there has been a substantial reduction in TV viewership and personal attendance at these games this year.  I urge folks to keep on finding other things to do,

Goodell in his misguided approach has:

1.  Had players fined for displays of celebration after scoring because they were taunting the other team.  Aren't some of those players taunting those who have fought, and in some cases died, for their rights?
2.  A player was fined for wearing Christmas colored cleats during a game.  They were OK for the pregame warm ups but not the game.  Gee, but it's OK to take a knee during the National Anthem

3.  He refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys to place stickers on their helmets in memory of the Dallas PD officers who were ambushed and killed.  But it's OK for the spoiled trash to disrespect our flag.

The video below has been on this blog in the past.  Please watch it again.  It shows a football game, a Super Bowl, with the proper respect for our country. Previous posts of this here were just of the National Anthem portion. This one is just a couple of minutes longer and shows some of the pre Anthem introductions.