Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Council Member Lindsey Constance Responds

Well here it is. Lindsey Constance replied to my question (see my two previous posts)concerning her lack of voting in local elections. I have highlighted certain comments of hers in bold red. i urge folks to read those comments at least twice. At the bottom of this post I will post my observations concerning those highlighted comments.  No part of her email has been edited (with the exception of my highlighting certain comments of hers)

Her Email:

Hi Ray,

Thanks for reaching out via email. That’s probably the best mode of contact.
In response to your question about my past voting history, I can say that thinking back to my 20s and early 30s I was starting out in my teaching career, often working late into the evening on lesson plans, working a second job much of the time, doing graduate work, and starting a family. Since turning 18, I have made it a point to vote every two years, however did not vote regularly in municipal elections during that stage of life.
Your email yesterday got me thinking about how we might better reach young people, and so I read a recent study conducted by Portland State University that looked at mayoral elections in the 30 largest cities. The results found that residents 65 years and older were a median of "seven times more likely to vote than those ages 18-34, who frequently registered turnout rates in the single digits." Thinking back to life as a young adult, I don’t recall a phone call, post card or visit from a candidate during a municipal election year. Knowing that voter turnout is typically very low, especially with young people, I worked hard this past summer and fall to reach as many residents as possible, both regular voters, and those who hadn’t previously been involved. When the Ward 4 election results came out this past November and showed an increase in voter turnout compared with previous years, I was thrilled to see more participation.
I agree with you about the importance of reaching constituents and getting them involved in our local governance. So far my approach has been social media posts, email newsletters, and attending as many city events as possible to connect with residents. I’m always open to new ideas to better reach out to people who haven’t previously been involved and would be happy to hear your ideas on this front.

Thank you, 
Lindsey Constance
Shawnee City Councilmember, Ward 4

My commentary:
OK, here is my commentary concerning the red highlighted comments. What a bunch of BS, and she contradicts herself.    First, JoCo has one of the best systems for people to vote if they can't make it to the polls on election day to include mail in ballots. You don't even have to be disabled to use a mail in ballot. Note that she admits to voting every two years but ".....did not vote regularly in municipal elections......." Huh?  The info I posted shows she never voted in municipals. Does that make sense? No explanation for not voting in municipals, but voting in the others? My guess is her attitude was that municipal elections didn't matter as long as she voted for state and federal offices. She did say she didn't remember getting a phone call, post card  or a visit from a candidate in a municipal election year.  Huh?  My mailbox was usually overflowing.  Regardless, she had to know there was an election happening.  More BS.  With answers like the ones she provided I am happy that Cabela's has a sale on hip waders.