Sunday, February 04, 2018

Part 2: Does Lindsey Constance Really Care About Shawnee?

On 2/2/18 (two posts below) I posted the first item about this.

What did we learn at that time?  We learned that she doesn't vote in city elections (mayor/council).  Wow, that is really exercising a right that many have fought and died for.  Does she care?  There are folks in many countries that would love to have the ability to vote for their government officials.  At all levels.  She squanders that right.

Now let's take it a step not voting in the local elections what other offices is she not voting for?  Are ya ready?  How about school district board?  That's right, by not voting in the local elections she is not voting for members of the local school board. 

Wow, and she is supposed to be an award winning teacher.  When I was in school, teachers used to make sure we knew in our social studies classes what voting was all about.  How can she teach that to students if she doesn't participate?  Now, as a teacher it probably would be wrong for her to publicly endorse specific candidates for the school board, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't vote.

Come on Lindsey, tell us why you haven't voted in the past for mayor, council and school board?
Your public wants to know what kind of an example you are setting for your students by not participating in in an activity that is the basis for our freedoms.

I'm a Ward IV resident.  Email me with your response.  I'd be happy to publish it here.