Sunday, February 25, 2018

Guns in Schools

The  email  below was sent to the five individuals who represent parts of Shawnee in the Kansas Legislature:  Reps Gallagher, Brim, Cox, Neighbor and Sen Pilcher-Cook.

Their responses should prove to be interesting.

Here is the email:


With the recent terrible event in Florida the debates are starting again about guns in schools.

First, let me say that I agree with President Trump that gun free zones are killing fields.  Thinking that designating an area a gun free zone without appropriate security back up is downright foolish and unrealistic.  People with mayhem on their mind will look for these areas since they know they will be unopposed in their quest to commit murder.  Let’s look at Sandy Hook..  How many felonies did Adam Lanza commit before he even shot one person in the school?  A bunch.  Killing his mother and stealing her guns were just two of them.  There were others.  Why did the Aurora Colorado theater shooter pick that theater?  Because it was posted as gun free, even though there were theaters closer to his home, they were not posted.

The recent action by the Kansas Legislature to continue exempt status for certain institutions without requiring them to have security (armed security and metal detectors) was, IMHO very foolish.  A miscreant enters the building, what is going to happen?  Is somebody going to tell them they have to leave because it is a gun free zone?

The State of Texas has a great system for providing armed protection in their schools.  The information can be found at the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement web site at

Those appointed as school marshals have to take extensive training and undergo psychiatric evaluations.  The Texas law does not allow for folks just to carry without the appropriate full training.

I strongly urge the Kansas Legislature to pursue a plan similar to what is being done in Texas.

So there is no misunderstanding, a copy of this email will be posted on my blog at    Hopefully, you folks will reply and those replies, uncensored, will also be posted

Thank you