Friday, February 02, 2018

Does Lindsey Constance Really Care About Shawnee?

Good question, IMHO.  There have been some recent letters in the Shawnee Dispatch about how much Lindsey Constance (newly elected Ward IV council member) cares about Shawnee.

I say that is Liberal bovine scatology. Why do I say that?  Because she has never voted in a local election (mayor/council).  That's right, she is part of that 85% of the city that sits on their butts and doesn't even get out to vote in local elections.  Well, maybe she voted this time because she was running for office.  How do I know?  Easy.  JoCo election records.  It is public information on whether folks voted in an election.  Naturally how they voted is not a matter of record.

So, here we go........note the term "state general" also includes any federal offices that were on the ballot that year (congress, senate, president etc).

Her voting record:

State General 2006
State General 2008
State General 2010
State General 2012
State General 2014
State General 2016
Mail Ballot 0108 Mail Ballot 512
State Primary 2012
State Primary 2014
State Primary 2016

We don't see any "local primary" or "local general" with an odd numbered year.

So, let's hear some more liberal clap trap about how she cares about Shawnee.  Would love to have her explain why she didn't vote in any local elections for mayor/council.  Would it be one of those typical apathetic answers?  You know the one that would indicate that the person doesn't think the local elections are important.  Something like "I voted for president.......mayor/council that doesn't matter". 

Yeah, she really cares..................NOT.   Probably more interested in advancing a national Liberal agenda.