Sunday, February 11, 2018

Will Lindsey Constance Respond to Email

This should be self explanatory.  Sent via email to Council Member Lindsey Constance this morning:

Good morning,

I have posted two items on my blog concerning your failure to vote in local elections in the past.  These would be for mayor, council and school board.

On my blog I asked that you explain yourself.  To date, I have not received an answer.  It is possible that you have not read the blog post, so I will pose the question in a direct email.  As a matter of fact I will copy|paste the last two paragraphs of the most recent post.

Please treat this as a homework assignment with a due date of Wed 2/14/18.  Failure to respond will result in a similar penalty that one of your students would receive……… will have a negative effect on your grade as a council member.
Come on Lindsey, tell us why you haven't voted in the past for mayor, council and school board?

Your public wants to know what kind of an example you are setting for your students by not participating in in an activity that is the basis for our freedoms.

I'm a Ward IV resident.  Email me with your response.  I'd be happy to publish it here.